Double Mastectomy, what you didn't know you couldn't do

breast-cancerlogo Things I knew I wouldn't be able to do after a double mastectomy... Lift heavy objects i.e. full kettle, large pans, laundry basket, filled baby bath and heartbreakingly my 8 month old daughter for at least 4-5 weeks Go swimming for at least 8 weeks in case of infection Drive for a few weeks Run around like a blue arsed fly Pull myself up for the first few weeks (Hooking your hands behind you knee and using it as a lever works well) Swivel side to side Sleep on my side or any other position other than on my back and slightly elevated. Crazy dancing or jumping jacks! Generally live life as before... at least for a while... Things I didn't know I wouldn't be able to do after a double mastectomy... Flush the toilet (Unless sensory) Chop vegetables Slice bread (Thank god for pre cut) Pull a heavy door open Push a heavy door or swivel door open/round (I have to go backwards, bottom first) Push down the seat on the tube Hold onto the suspended handles on a tube or bus Push my daughters buggy around, up a kerb, onto a bus or train.. Pull drawers open Push drawers closed Push lids onto my daughters milk/water bottles Pull lids off my daughters milk/water bottles Shake my daughters milk bottles (presumably I wouldn't be able to mix cocktails either) Open Jam jars or other stiff jars... and tight twistables... Open or close sash windows Use push down taps! (Quite irritating when you have a handful of soap)\ Shake the duvet cover Make the bed in fact Move furniture such as pulling out heavy chairs at a table, or push them back in as before. And many other little push pull actions of everyday life... So as October pulls to an end (October is breast cancer awareness month for those not in the know) and without wanting to harp on, just because it's something I've been through... please do have a check of yourself and be aware of the signs. Catching it early can make a huge difference so it really is worth it! breast-cancer-symptoms-2 #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #October #cancer #mastectomy #life #monmum #chemoqueen #royalmarsden PLEASE SHARE xx

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