Gwen Stefani rocking her bump

Gwen Stefani has long been the queen of style even when she is preggars. Expecting her third this year, Gwen is stepping out in super cool style and sporting one of my fave Maternity wear Brands. gwen mail online Image via Mail Online  Uber cool in this #OT boiler suit gwen boiler suit glamour fashion mag Image via Glamour Fashion And spotted here in Hatch Holiday! FFN_IMAGE_51291229|FFN_SET_60073467 Image via Refinery29 Tux trend #OT comes in Both Green and Black - Check out the full Hatch Holiday collection here! Hatch Holiday Tux The star is the perfect example of a super mum, because being pregnant does not stop this lady of cool. Oh no, word on the street is that she is now launching her third clothing line DWP, flaunting a new signature part slouchy, part tailored pant to replace jeans in women's wardrobes. No easy feat I say which is most likely why she teamed up with the denim guru Michael Glasser himself, to create the latest collection. gwen new clothing line 2014 pic Donato Sardella WWD via fashionista Image via Fashionista Gwen's working the tops while Michael focuses on the bottoms! LAUNCHES TODAY!! for Spring delivery. Cannot wait!

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