HOT NEW TREND: Shades of Grey

It sure it getting very grey out there these days and I for one am absolutely loving it! #trend #fashion #grey 1. Why not team a stretch grey dress with a cool grey sweat for extra comfort and warmth! Love these dresses from 2./7. Asos  3. Cos for a more bump-worthy version. 4. Or try the belted look (above or below the bumpage) with this long split dress from 5. Asos dress  6. This totally Awesome New York Sweat from H&M! Off to get me one of those this very weekend! #hittingtheshops Shades of Grey GREY 2 Rocking the look below - barefoot blonde wearing Asos dress. Similar available at Sonnet James! grey barefoot blonde sonnet james Sweat over dress - Street Style via fashion guitar. sweats over dresses - fashion guitar#grey - get into it! x        

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