kids can jog!

Loving these cool and collected. comfort is king outfits! If they did them in my size I would happily wear them too. Weirdly what's great as well is that  they look kid like on the kids and yet they would not look childlike on adults! #genius x kids jogg 1. T-shirt Pax and Heart & Jacket by see more @ lifewithfayeblog teamed here with skinnies, big boots and beanie! 2. This is my fave - a cool runaround! i mean um duhhh! It's a no brainer! Found at but by Rags apparel USA. 3. Pockets, Zips, tapered half way, simply awesome! From brickyardbuffalo. I mean even that is awesome! 4. I need not say much more on this one me thinks. It is, what it is! It's a Yes from me! Via wehearit.

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