The Dr Denim Challenge!

Courtesy of The Mercantile London! #bestboutiqueever So as I head to the till with a few lush goodies I in hand after a long lunchtime mooch around my favourite London boutique The mercantile London, I get chatting to the lovely Debra (unknowingly the Company Director) about my blog and my interest in her gorgeous brands.
The dress I've just snapped up my for my pending holiday, is just out online and new new new! (So new Debra had to actually nip downstairs to get me a size as they weren't even on the shop floor yet) making me feel very unique and ahead of the game!
The reasons for this particular purchase I tell Debra, is not just the usual holiday must have items we just have to buy, but also because the fabric is so stretchy it can work with my growing  bump. (Now at 3 months).
I'm always in the look our for things I can buy that aren't necessarily actual maternity brands and more things I can wear before, during and after pregnancy. Longevity is the key for me and by shopping at The Mercantile London, I always know I'll be steered away from the usual blue and white stripped maxi you see in all maternity stores!

So as we chat about this and that, Debra asks me if I want to be her Guinea pig?.... As my head conjures up images of myself standing outside the store in a guinea pig outfit handing out leaflets, I still for some reason go with my gut and just say yes without hesitation. On doing so to my surprise and equal relief, Debbie offers me a pair of rather cool Dr Denim jeans. (#win) The challenge? At how many weeks pregnant you can still fit into them!!? As a non maternity brand again, this immediately resinates with me. How exciting, my first real product review for me and monmum. I can't believe my luck and together we pick a black pair, seeing as mine are already getting tight from my rather early bumpage, this is fantastic news. She hands me a low rise small which I look at and think, if I can get into those with this his bump it will be a miracle! I offer to try them on but Debra is certain they will fit fine and on getting home and trying the she is absolutely right! Debra clearly knows her stuff! DR D MAIN.jpg photo (27) dr den main 2.jpg photo (24) THE DETAILS:
Pregnancy status: 11 - 13 weeks with very early bump and huge bloating after every meal.
DR Denim was founded in 2004 designing jeans to create a lifestyle revolving around Denim. The design philosophy is to create contemporary interpretations of denim and timeless pieces that can be worn at any time. Dr. Denim is intellectually curious yet humble, treating denim as a science where development flourishes through research and creativity. aka these Jeans are #cool !! THE OUTCOME: On my first go they fit surprisingly well. They are a little long but actually due to the über stretchiness, they fold up really well and look quite cool like that. Personally though I love a pocket, so I immediately notice that the front pockets are faux and although it's something I think I'll miss on further thought they actually come up more slimming that way and double almost as thick jeggins. A definite bonus. THE REASON FOR THE CHALLENGE: Apparently the Dr Denim brand sell very well from a boutique in Brighton (where my family are from) to pregnant ladies due the stretch fit and low rise design. So Debit wanted to check out what the fuss was all about and se if the rumours were true. THE WHAT NEXT
I'll be tacking more pics as I go. THE WOW: Currently, these cool DR Denims are the only pair of jeans I now own where I don't have to open the button (and sometimes the zip) when driving, sitting down and especially after I've eaten. I've already been caught out twice in the supermarket with my flies open  after forgetting to do them up again. I'd call them my lifesavers! Even AJ has commented on how nice they are and at a quarter of the price of some maternity jeans I'd say the are a must have buy! #superstretchy Dr denim offer loads of styles and colours so have a look here.
I'll check back in a couple of weeks to let you know how they are fitting!

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