A little about us...

We are Petra and Marina, neighbours, friends and mums who met and connected at the school gates three years ago...

Marina's story;
My name is Marina. As a mother of 3 children (aged 5, 4 and 3 years old!) who has finally had enough time to sort through the mountain of outgrown clothes and discarded toys, I went through a slight crisis of mind seeing how much waste we’d produced. Plastic toys, fast fashion.... I reached out to my super eco conscious friend Petra for recommendations on how to cut down on our environmental impact.

Petra's Story;
My name is Petra and after moving out of London, working far less and taking time to look around at my life and assess it more closely, made immediate changes and became obsessed with learning more and more about how we could life our lives conciously, ethically and sustainably.

Together and after multiple ideas, many cups of tea, coffee and a few vinos, the idea for www.forkidsandplanet.com was born.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking for pieces for the store that complement our ethos - sustainable, oganic, thoughtful, while also being useful, stylish and practical for little adventurers.We want to sell things that children will love to wear and play with and explore, sarking their imaginations without costing the planet.

We have a lot of big ideas regarding how we’d like to run our store in the future but have launched thie Christmas Pop-up in order to allow us to gauge what people are most interested in and whether we need to readjust any of our thinking prior to a full shop launch.

We hope you like it and welcome your feedback!

Petra & Marina. x