Etta Loves

Purple/Green Leopard Teething Comforter (5M+)


Sensory and soothing teething comforter in purple and green leopard print muslin with beech teething ring.

Our leopard print has been designed to support visual development in babies from around 5 months onwards, which is when those pesky teeth start to come through with a vengeance. So the combination of our calming sensory print and a lovely ring to chew is a sure fire winner.


Features: 40cm x 40cm double layered muslin tied onto ring

Composition: 100% viscose from bamboo muslin, beech teething ring

Designed in the UK, made in China

Etta Loves

...muslins created by a mum, in collaboration with an expert in children's vision, to support babies/visual and cognitive development. Put simply, the patterns, scales, spacing and colours are based on what your baby can see or will be able to see very shortly. The result is that the prints will look different to your baby week after week, providing visual stimulation and leaving them utterly mesmerised. Produced in ethical factories, with an aim to transition to 100% organic cotton, you know you’re getting the quality your baby deserves.


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